Lily's Driftwood Bay is an animated, cute show that has the imagination. It is produced for Sixteen South & originals by Sprout.

NOTE: They have some Sprout official songs such as "All of Me" & "Hey There Delilah" by Darren Vanderburg who made the scenes that featured in these songs.


Lily - Lily is a 7-year-old girl with a huge imagination accompanied to his best freind Gull, who often spies "sea treasure". She is voiced as Orlagh O'Keefe.

Dad - Lily's dad is voiced by Richard Dormer, patiently waiting for Lily on her adventures. Dad ignores Lily's comments when she's talking about her adventures.

Salty - Salty is a dog (or cow) who takes Lily to Driftwood Bay on Delilah. Salty seem to be in love with his friend Hatsue & always along with his friend Puffin. He doesn't live at Driftwood Bay.

Nonna - Nonna is a dog & an owner of the cafe on Driftwood Bay. She lives at Driftwood Bay & Lily's home.

Hatsie - Hatsie is a hen & the train-driver of her train. She lives at Driftwood Bay & seem to be in love with her friend Salty.

Lord Stag - Lord Stag is a deer who loves to have some Deer Fruit Snacks, and singing his intro.

Wee Rabbit - Wee Rabbit is a rabbit who lives in a treehouse at Driftwood Bay. She is shy & loves art, loves to kiss, tickle & do fun things.

Chica - Chica is a chicken who lives in a treehouse far from Driftwood Bay. Chica also makes ocasional appearances in Gull's Birthday & hangs out with Wee Rabbit. Her mom & dad calls her before Lily's, and occasional giving the badge to Bull.

Puffin - Puffin has the voice of Gull once an episode & loves to laugh but can't talk. Puffin is Salty's helpful friend of the Ship House Store. He is friends with Gull, the clever seagull, who lives with Lily.

Squeaky Mice - The Squeaky Mice are three little mice who help the jobs on Driftwood Bay. Even most good than Lord Stag & makes occasional appearances in Lily's Driftwood Bay's Season 2 title sequence.

Bull - Bull is a goat who is sometime horrid & friends with a bee. He lives in a bush & plays croquett with Lord Stag.

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